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Atomic-Energy? No thanks!


100 000 (dpa) people manifested against the plans of the yellow-black german government to extent the shutdown of the the 17 german atomic energy plants at an average of 12 more years.

The resistance shown at the 18.9.10 was peaceful and much bigger then expected. Individuals from all social classes and politicians from the opposit parties joined an alliance of many environmental organisations.

Here are some impressions and expressions:


Solution for oil-disaster in Gulf of Mexico: Elastic balloon slowly filled with liquid concrete to close all leaks – despite enormous back-pressure


From: Sebastian and Eberhard Schoeck

Email to BP from 17. May 2010:                                                                                      
To: BP-Manager Tony Hayward, BP-Manager Doug Suttles, BP-America-Manager Lamar McKay
and responsible technicians and helpers to close the oil-leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dear responsibles and helpers,

an elastic balloon, which can be filled through a pipe or flexible tube with
liquid concrete, would avoid that the liquid concrete would be rejected against
the back streaming oil – and avoids that the concrete sinks down – and would
adapt to different shapes of leaks!

Before the balloon gets filled it should – to be protected against the
back-streaming oil – be turned down into the tube. So the empty balloon can be
inverted and folded similar to a packed parachute.
As soon as through the tube liquid concrete is pumped, the flexible balloon
turns out of the tube and starts to grow and adapt to different shaped leaks.

Hoping to help or to inspire new ideas.

Best wishes,
Sebastian Schoeck             (Diploma economist (BA), Agency for Alternatives) 
Eberhard Schoeck              (Building engineer, inventor of innovative building solutions, Schöck AG)

This idea was without answer from BP since weeks. Therefore we ask everyone who thinks this could be an interesting solution to close that leaks to contribute and spread it.

Agency for Alternatives:  Islaendische Str. 9, D-10439 Berlin, ++49/+30/4458137
At the moment:                  Kastanienhalde 11, D-76534 Baden-Baden, ++49/+7223/60608,                                                                            mobil: ++49/+1577/4863649  and

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We have worked since 1994 on film, content-and concept archives.   
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Letters of Intent


We are about to reconnect with special people who mentioned interest and the will to support our projects over the years. – We are proud to present our first letter of intent:

Johannes Stüttgen

He declared his intent to be available in clear terms.

During his life, he transformed art from creating things into  working with groups. 
One of his qualities is to pile-up time “Zeitstau”…

He was a member of the Fluxus Movement and  in 1971founded the “Organisation for Direct Democracy through Petitions” with Joseph Beuys.

Between 1980 and 1986, he was the general manager of the Free International University (FIU) and leader of “Room 3″, the former atelier of Joseph Beuys in the art academy of Düsseldorf.

Since 1987 he has oranized as shareholder, the “Omnibus for direct Democracy in Germany”, and did tree-plantings on the former inner-German frontier “Baum-Kreuz”. He extended research and workshops on a new money term.

(In the video archive: Documentations of Johannes Stüttgen from `94 and a lot between 01-04)

To the “Survival Pact”


From: Annette Ochs 

Text in progess

You are invited to comments+feedback here and on facebook and myspace 
and to changes+extensions in the interactive workspace EtherPad.

This text came as an answer to Mohamed Nasheed (Anni), President of the Maldives,
who asked on the “Survival Pact from some of the most Climate-Vulnerable Nations on Earth”
for a “message of gratitude and support”:

Let´s not wait for national leaders to act for climate, but organize together the cleaning and healing of our earth with compassion, fun and awareness. Let us engage for all the hungry and homless people and suffering animals. It is a great chance now, because so many of us have no work or income, due to machines taking over most production – and we are therefore free to work for important issues.
Because there is enough for all on this earth, we must organize and reflect about: what is our real wealth? The capital of mankind are the treasures and the fertility of the earth, the skills of individuals and good health. If we spend part of our life to make products or provide services for others, it is an act of selflessness; love on a phenomenological level. 
Money alone cannot compensate us for doing work in our precious lifetimes and some things we cannot buy. If we organize faster and more directly than in the old system, there will be for all more than is needed for reproduction, as well as for the fullfillment of some wishes and a safe old age.
From the viewpoint of engaging for the best of all, there will be enough for us too. Let´s not wait for the national states to act, for they are not financially stabilized – some of us have more money than the states: stars, models, enterpreneurs and old families can provide an easy start and will get back a good bonus, not only in money.
Instead of waiting for the national leaders to act, we should invite them to work together and to give us permission to clean nature and to build model projects in no-man lands – to plant trees, to clean water and to produce energy. We want to show, how well paid we will be by an increase in the quality of life: with paradise-like places to learn, exchange and live for future generations and all cultures.
The balance with nature and with our self is the capital which provides freedom to do what we really, really want. Let´s start at the poorest places in the mountains, former rainforests and damaged areas in industrial countries – for every thing can be possible and connected everywhere today: high-tech self-providing, real-time, re-entries and our own money-circles.
In such model projects refugees who can not stay in their homelands can be invited to the red carpet. We will have the chance to meet them and to exchange with their cultures in workshops, educations and daily community life.

Tsuname of Love


From: Chief Sonne Reyna

You may watch an interview with Chief Sonne Reyna, 40 min on myspace or 5 min. on youtube
and join for updates and talk this  facebook-group.

Chief Sonne Reyna, Vision
Vision Statement of “Tsuname of Love”

© Tsuname of Love™ – for the children 2008


Sacred creation is the loving source of natural-supernatural time culture. We belong to Nature’s divine love.

We belong to divine earth, sun and stars which vivify our body with magic loving spirit.

Disregard for nature creates suffering and problems. All solutions to our problems live in the profound wisdom of nature. Ancient loving mother father answer our sincere requests for blessing and healing and reward our requests for understanding our destiny in this precious lifetime.

A climatic new cycle of natural-supernatural time is here. Seasons are changing. Sacred sun and earth are shedding their skins.

(…) A natural-supernatural time culture with respect and honor for nature and each other. A world of joy and celebration where people are not hungry, not homeless and not at war.

So answer the call now.

Global warming is the tip of emerging icebergs – natural-supernatural earth changes.

With humble meditation prayer we calm the tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, asteroids, and plagues which threaten to annihilate us. We offer pre-emptive reconciliation to the destructive powers – some natural and some created by humans. We offer healing with meditation prayer – song – dance and art. We offer holy water with our tears of joy. We will witness these great sacred powers at peace with us. We reclaim divine for our selves and all life.

Everywhere. Everyone feels it and is talking. Winds and waves of change are moving around the world. We answer the call for divine love to re-awaken in our hearts. Love for all children who inherit a better life from us. Together we are the divine solution to all problems. 
We are divine love – the greatest sacred power of all.

Tsuname of Love™ for the children is the vision of Chief Sonne Reyna where magical mass entertainment with art – music – humor – dance – film creates awareness and resources which provide food and homes for hungry and homeless children and families.

On this sacred earth of beauty and abundance we invoke compassion and right action to care for those in need. All children are born magical and are divine love in human form.

Tsuname of Love™ is local and global participation. Individuals, groups, restaurants, grocery stores, farmers offer to feed local hungry communities. This movement of miracles starts at home.

Celebrity musicians, filmmakers, artists, collaborators produce Tsuname of Love™ music DVD’s diverse magical mass entertainment – world music and dance with children and elders.

Tsuname of Love™ world tour moves across the sacred earth as living meditation prayer honoring children and the children and elders of all life.

Tsuname of Love™ chapters form in diverse global communities. The voices of children and elders inspire humans to be conscious guardians of children and all life. This movement of miracles starts at home.

Call for sponsors and participants
* who you are?
* how you can contribute?
* what you can do?

Call for entries
* original artwork, creative images which celebrate the spirit and vision of Tsuname of Love™ for the children
* magical mass entertainment projects and activities which celebrate the spirit and vision of Tsuname of Love™ for the children
* collaborative alliance with likeminded individuals, organizations, projects which celebrate the spirit and vision of Tsuname of Love™ for the children

Tsuname of Love™ for the Children operates under 501c3 non profit organization Peace Vision.

© Copyright Tsuname of Love™ for the children 2008

Read more about the Background of Chief Sonne Reyna

Tsuname of Love on Twitter

Video: Main Statement of Chief Sonne Reyna on youtube

Globale Bewegung


From: Annette Ochs

This is a comment which became too long, written on 350 day. It was under a text titled, something like “Like this Climate goes in our Net”. Here Ole Seidenberg @socialbloggerde and Daniel Kruse @dkomm presented 6 main activists of the Global Movement. Under the text was a debate about the failure of 350 day and for me the text matched well to my efforts to create a “Gate to the Global Movement via twitter” – because I saw how important it is for a Movement like this, to integrate new people into events like this.

The same task exists for the Climate Conference – we want to contribute our part.

Globale Bewegung

Diesen Text habe ich als Kommentar auf  “So geht uns das Klima ins Netz” von Ole Seidenberg und Daniel Kruse auf angefangen und er ist so lang geraten, dass er jetzt hier erscheint. Wünsche viel Spass beim feiern.

Ich möchte mich bedanken und betonen, dass die Autoren von “So geht uns das Klima ins Netz” hier einen Einstieg zur sich formierenden Globalen Bewegung anbieten – und es ist doch für eine Bewegung wie diese entscheidend – ob sie an Tagen wie diesem, bisher nicht involvierte Interessierte leicht integrieren kann…

Mit ähnlicher Motivation, als “Gate”, habe ich aufgebaut –
und eine Art “Gebrauchsanleitung” dazu u.a. auf diesem myspace Blog gepostet.

Euer Text, die Kommentare und Eindrücke auf twitter haben mich veranlasst, einen langen Komment zu schreiben, der jetzt als Blogbeitrag im Folgenden gepostet wirf:

Über Twitter jubelt @climateparade vom Erfolg von #350ppm “Irre: 5200 Aktionen, 181 Länder! Es geht los!

Ich sehe Optimisten gegenüber von  Pessimisten, oft verbindet beide, dass sie ihre Stimmung von der Anzahl der erscheinenden Füsse abhängig machen und nicht von deren Klasse der Anwesenden und der im Hintergrund/Netzt ablaufenden Bewegungen. Quer dazu steht das Ganze Spektrum zwischen einer Reduzierung aller Probleme auf CO2 bis hin zu der völligen Verleugnung eines Einflusses von CO2 auf das Klima wobei entweder jegliche globale Veränderungen verleugnet wird oder aber anderen Ursachen zugeschrieben werden. Nebenher läuft die Bezugnahme auf diverse Tage oder Jahre in der Zukunft, von denen aus bestimmte Konsequenzen zu Handlungsmotivationen führen aollen

Es werden Positionen bezogen im Streit um das beste Argument, Lager formieren sich, mit Glichgesinnten wird sich mit einem Klick verbunden. Gegenseitiges Gewichtgeben, herausheben aus dem Random-Stream of Information, die Auswahl zwischen wichtig und unwichtig. Die basalen ersten Unterscheidungen der Umwelt verursachen unsere Sicht der Dinge und sollten mitreflektiert werden, wenn es darum geht eine kontertierte Aktion zum Überleben unseres Planeten zu formieren.

Wir haben uns auf unserem Blog darüber geschrieben, wie die allgemeinsten, am weitesten gefassten Prinzipien, wie:
Zum Besten aller und Zum Besten der Natur!
den Fokus offenhalten, um auch in strittigen Fragen die Orienierung zu behalten und korrekt zu handeln. Dies würde die Flexibilität erweitern, um auch mit Re-entry von ungewünschten Nebeneffekten, die durch  mutigen Eingreifen erscheinen.

Ich möchte mal die Frage in die Runde geben, ob irgend jemand nicht das Gefühl hat, dass irgend etwas nicht stimmt, mit dem, was wir global auf der Erde zulassen.

Ich denke es wird auf sich ergänzende hochkomplex miteinander verbundene Entscheidungs Runden hinaus laufen, bei denen die jeweils Beteiligten und Betroffenen mit einander verhandeln. Die Selbstermächtigung der Bewegung wird bekommt durch rechtliche Verträge eine Basis. Hierbei werden Online Petitionen, Chats und virtulle Runde Tische eine Rolle spielen.

Auch hier wieder die Aufgabe, zwischen Wichtig und Unwichtig zu unterscheiden, vielleicht dass einzige, was der Mensch der Technik voraus hat. Es geht um eine Annäherung an Echtzeit und an die Bedürfnisbefriedigung Aller und eine neue Balance im Klima.